Monthly Faves

I know that we are coming towards the end of August, but there were a number of lovely things that I fell in love with back in July that I have to share…

My Ebony Box ( July)

Ebony box.jpg

I must have been so loved up with this box that I didn’t even want to share its goodness with others! The box of July was poppin and just as good as my first ever box that I had purchased back in May.

My Ebony Box goodies:

1. Eight – Leave In Conditioner 60ml

2. African Luggage Tag

3.Blueberry Scrub

4. Goddess Necklace
Handmade in the USA
My Ebony Box

5. Woke Sleep Mask
Founders Design
My Ebony Box

6. Glorious fist badge
Founders Design
My Ebony Box

7. Fruit Infused Water 250ml

8.Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipe

Nothing beats that irresistible feeling that you get when you peel away the wrapping, unravel the yellow tissue paper and lock eyes with a range of carefully curated items packaged to rejuvenate, bless and inspire you. Treat yourself to some sheer goodness by checking out their website, MyEbonyBox.

Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea

I enjoy ending a busy day with a cup of my lemon and ginger tea. I like to add an extra slice of fresh root ginger and a dash of cinnamon to my cup. It just adds to the warmth, spice, and comfort that this drink brings.

Horniman Gardens

Horniman G.jpg

The Horniman museum has always been one of my favorite museums in London, however, I’ve recently started making special trips to the Horniman gardens. If you are a creative, a blogger or just simply need a peaceful place to relax, meditate or pray, then I would suggest you pay the Horniman gardens a visit. There’s a lovely spot at the top of the hill, next to the bandstand that always keeps me in awe of God’s creation.  If you are a photographer looking for scenic views of London or you simply just want to surround yourself with luscious green plants and beautifully arranged flowers, then head over to the Horniman Gardens.

Affinity Designer

As a graphic designer, I’m always looking for software that will help to make the designing process a lot more easier. I have been experiencing a number of issues with my Adobe Illustrator subscription (login issues, installation problems, etc) so I decided to try out Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer has definitely been a godsend. I can pretty much create seamless vector based illustrations and export them quickly.

Omotola Thomas


I’ve been following this phenomenal woman for quite a while now on Instagram. She is the founder of ParkinStand and uses her social media platform to share her challenges and triumphs as she navigates through her life as a woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Her bravery, boldness, and strength are always so captivating and compliments her natural beauty. I cannot count the number of times I’ve found myself binging on her Instagram posts, and just absorbing the love and the wisdom that she evokes through her writing.

Check out her Instagram page: Omotola Thomas

What are your current faves? Please leave your comments and don’t forget to like, share or follow  🙂


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