The Instagram Unlocked Workshop

With 5,000 people registered to tune into the ‘Instagram Unlocked Workshop’, it was inevitable that we were going to break the internet!

The Founder


Instagram Unlocked Workshop was held by Cici Gunn, AKA ‘The Six Figure Chick’. The workshop was designed to teach you how to effectively use Instagram as a social media platform, sales funnel, marketing tool and much more.

According to her website ‘thesixfigurechick’, Cici states that she has made  ‘…over $1.1 Million Dollars by using my Instagram page. I’ve learned how to build a true community, roll with the constant algorithm changes without losing business, and create daily income from my followers’. Cici is not only a successful Digital Brand Strategist that has over 170 thousand followers on Instagram, but she is a woman with a powerful testimony. In 2013, Cici was diagnosed with Cancer.

The ‘C-word’ is enough to make you feel numb or feel sorry for her, but Cici has demonstrated through her motivational posts, Healthy eating challenges, Instagram stories and live streaming sessions that she is not looking for anyone’s pity. Instead, she uses her time in between chemotherapy to empower others, inspire and awaken the sleeping giant within us.

Last night, I was blessed to be one of the 5,000 successful people to have tuned into Cici’s Free, Instagram Unlocked workshop.

I knew that this workshop was going to be life-changing and anything that is destined for greatness will undoubtedly attract challenges in one way or the other.

Glitches & Capacity


After reading a snippet about Cici’s background story, you can understand why the devil felt threatened by this live workshop where 5,000 people were going to be equipped with the tools needed to take their businesses from zero to one hundred! The backbone of poverty was going to be broken and so, it was no surprise that just before the workshop was supposed to start that problems started to unfold.

I (as well as a number of other followers that had registered to join the workshop) experienced a number of technical glitches. One of the technical problems included accessing the Unlocked workshop via the email address that was given to us. My heart sunk for a second when I saw the error message ‘5,000 capacity’ stare at me boldly in the face. Naw! This could not be right, considering the fact that I had registered a few weeks ago! I had actually made my way to the bottom of the registration form and clicked the submit button.  I even went as far as putting a reminder on my phone.  I  had committed myself to this workshop and there was no ‘Saturday Night’ game show on TV or Youtube prank video that was going to peel me away.

So, you can imagine the deep sting that pierced through my heart when after three or four, (okay maybe five or six) attempts of trying to log-in and failing that I felt gutted. But there was something that convicted me not to give up. I shouted at the screen and said: ‘I am blessed, and nobody will hinder me from receiving my blessing!’ Done.

Fail Forward?


I remember a few days earlier, watching an ‘Instagram live’ session held by Cici and meditating on one of the things that she said: ‘Fail forward’.  As I was hitting my phone keypad I kept on thinking: ‘Fail forward’. This was not a time to be crying! It was a time to persevere, move forward and think outside the box, rather than standing eagle-eyed in the snares of stagnation. I was not going to give up, even though I felt quite silly punching my keypad and praying for ‘divine access’. Thankfully, with a couple of fiery charged prayers, determination and a few nice DMs from other followers to ‘keep tryin’, I eventually got in.

Sometimes in life, the urge to quit is greater than the urge to stand strong. God told us in His word not to waver in times of trouble and to hold fast onto our faith. I have learned how to find comfort in the knowledge that challenges, obstacles, and setbacks will surely come, but they can be used to propel us into our blessings.

The Masterclass


I do not take opportunities to be mentored and empowered by people such as Cici for granted. Although it was called a workshop, I personally felt that it was more of a masterclass. Cici came equipped as an expert in digital branding and she not only imparted her knowledge, but she also gave us an effective process for making our mark. For over two hours I found myself jotting pages after pages filled with notes about how I could effectively brand my business.

We were presented with:

  • Visual slides & bullet point presentations
  • Inspirational quotes,
  • Websites that we could use to support our business set-up
  • Strategies for building passive and active income
  • How to create effective content that can be transformed into cash
  • Analysis of existing successful websites and pages on Instagram 
  • Business and digital media tools for engaging with our customers and much more.

I particularly found the idea of building the profile or ‘Avatar’ of our customers quite enlightening. Knowing what your customer likes will enable you to solve their problems and cater to their needs.

After the workshop ended I felt like dancing, you know, the type of dance that you do when you know the chains of lack, ignorance, and frustration have been broken from you. I felt like I was given access to information that not many established entrepreneurs are willing to share for free. And so, I not only left that workshop filled to the brim with a renewed sense of understanding about business and social media but I also left feeling free.

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