Pray for London

The past few months have been brutally challenging for London. The tragic fire at Grenfell tower block has left Londoners with another wound, another soul to mourn, another life lost. It warmed my heart to hear about a community rallying together after such a tragic incident. Neighbours, locals, businesses, community centres, churches, groups and more, came together to support those in need. They came far and wide carrying clothes, food, toiletries, phone chargers, batteries and toys for the tenants that sat along the pavements, shocked, cold and scared. It’s times like these that the state of our hearts is tested. It’s also a time for deep and thoughtful reflection and an opportunity to break the wall of silence between people that wouldn’t ordinarily talk to each other. My challenge for you and I, is to set some time aside every day to pray, intercede, stand in the gap and pray for our neighbours. Pray for that bloke down the corridor that you hardly speak to, but you can tell he is going through some personal challenges. Pray for your community and the local groups that actively work to make our areas habitable and communal. And, if God wakes you up in the middle of the night and whispers in your spirit to pray in tongues even though you don’t understand why, do just that. Pray.


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