5 Gospel Songs To Listen To When You Feel Like A Hot Mess!

When you feel like a hot mess, music has the ability to draw you closer to God and minister to your heart like medicine.

1. King Jesus – Chevelle Franklyn

This oldy will always be a goodie! It’s that classic gospel ragga tune that still has the power to ‘mash up de place like dynamite!’ Instead of morphing into a keyboard troll and venting out your frustrations on social media, why not slip this song into your spirit and stomp on the devils head?!


2. Let Go – DeWayne Woods

Have you ever felt like life was sucking away at the very essence of your being? There are times when the trials of life consume us to the point that we can’t even sleep or function as we ought to. ‘Let Go’ was the song that comforted me and gave me the conviction to surrender  ALL of my anxieties, worries and cares completely over to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

3. Trust in You – Lauren Daigle

I know you feel like a hot mess right now, life has hit you far too many times now for you to even want to get back up again. However, your faith has not been shattered. It’s not as big as it used to be, it’s more like a mustard seed, but thats enough for you to trust in God’s supernatural ability to intervene in your siutuation and turn it around to work in your favour. ‘Trust in You’ is the anthem for your hearts cry. Listen and be elevated to another level.

 4. Onyeoma – Henrisoul

When you’ve come to the place in your life that you believe that God is a miracle worker, then you can draw strength, joy and encouragement from songs such as Onyeoma (igbo language for ‘good person’). This song is about praising the good, great and miraculous things God has been doing in peoples lives. Expect nothing less than a miracle from God!

5. Let There Be Light – Hillsong Worship

Do you feel like a dark cloud is covering your dreams, ambitions, hopes and desires? Have you been struggling to seek God in prayer? Sometimes when my tongue feels too heavy to even utter a word of prayer, I listen to gospel songs such as this one ‘Let there be light’. Let there be light is a soothing song of deep longing for the light of God’s love to shine in our darkness. Whenever I play this song it makes me think about the cry of King David for God to purify his heart in Psalm 51.

I hope this small selection of songs will help to coax you out of any problem you are facing. Please feel free to share any other songs that have helped you through challenging situations. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE or FOLLOW 🙂 your support is greatly appreciated!



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