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Hello, lovely people!

One of the things that I quite enjoy about my blogging journey is discovering amazing bloggers from all walks of life.

I sincerely believe that there is a lot we can learn from each others style of writing, perspectives and experiences. I came across Kelly’s blog ‘Reynolds Made and ‘The Currently Tag’ and I thought, I’ve got to do this! I’ve added a few tweaks here and there to the tag and I hope that you will also share your own tags too!

Currently, I am Listening to

Cynthia Erivo’s  ‘I’m Here’ on Youtube. I cannot count how many times I have rinsed this song and every time that I replay it, the lyrics pepper my heart with a different meaning.


Loungewear my way! My cosy black, floral print robe with the massive hood, overly washed ‘not to be seen in public’ black bottoms and an off-peach top that I wore last summer.



Lemon, Ginger & Ginseng Infusion herbal tea in my favourite ‘I love Tea’ cup. This herbal cup of goodness reminds me of a spicy lemon cake I had some time ago at a Jamaican bakery in South London. It’s irresistibly good and naturally caffeine free.

Thinking about 

How I’m going to get rid of that irritating pain in my knee, whether to make basmati rice with lamb stew or meat pies for dinner.

Looking forward to

Demolishing this chocolate cake with a glass of Shloer White grape and Elderflower.



My Seaweed mud mask for evicting three stubborn spots on my forehead.


To redecorate my bedroom that should have an ‘Enter at your own risk’ sign placed on the front door. It has become the new hoarder’s paradise/ squatters central. In other words, it’s a hot mess!

Grateful for

The beautiful souls in my life, strong legs to walk with regardless of how they have failed to fit into other people’s definition of beauty, the wonders of cocoa butter for ashy skin days and to be loved unconditionally by God!


Happy Brain by C. Kancel. I’ve recently developed a love affair with everything from the dopamine diet, to anything that promotes my happy chemicals flowing. Reading this book has made me realise how awesome God really is and how amazing we are as human beings. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you don’t ‘look’ your best.


To live in the moment and to stop dwelling on the things that are not working in my life.


Leftover Jerk Chicken, Jollof rice, Festival and a medley of corn and broccoli. The smokiness from this Jerk chicken clings to your lips and forces your body to do the Azonto!


People that derive pleasure from other people’s pain. Mockers…beware!


There is so much beauty in my local area, from the victorian houses to the luscious green parks. I just need to make some more effort to venture out and explore.


Matthew chapter 13 verse 47-50 – The Parable of the dragnets. I have been thinking about this parable for a couple of days now. I believe it’s a confirmation to let go of any relationship, habit or characteristic that is holding me back from being the person that God wants me to be.


Inspired to step into a totally different territory in regards to my future ambitions and personal goals.


Cynthia Erivo. Yes, her name has reappeared on this tag, but hey, isn’t she fascinating? I find listening to other people’s success stories very intriguing. She’s a South London girl that’s bagged herself a Tony, Grammy and hopefully an Emmy award.

Hoping for

God to answer a heartfelt prayer that has challenged my faith, given me bogey infested tears and whipped my character into shape.


Doing something totally impulsive.


I’m just a few edits away from publishing this blog post!


A renewed way of thinking. I sincerely believe that when you start to walk by faith things start to fall into place.


What are you currently doing? I would love to read your tag posts! Please don’t forget to like, share or follow 🙂



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