Happy Resurrection Sunday!


Life can be challenging, and, even the strongest amongst us can be shaken. There may be times that you felt like giving up, pulling the plug and walking away from everything you ever believed in. There may have been times that the sting of adversity was so overwhelming that you struggled to believe that victory was inscribed into your future. Somehow, you decided not to quit. You decided that the untapped gifts, talents and treasure within you outweighed the heaviness of uncertainty and doubt.

I call that desire to keep surging ahead ‘Resurrection Power’. It’s the power that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead and defied the legion of critics. It’s the power that inspires you, motivates you and gives you that innate confidence to bounce back again. Jesus Christ defeated death and every challenge,trial,pain and problem that has ever made you feel hopeless. Today, I celebrate the beauty of sacrificial love, divine friendship and the power of His resurrection.


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