35 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

It’s that time of year to re-evaluate your goals, declutter your CV and give your career a thorough makeover.


  1. Delete unnecessary buzzwords and jargon from your CV or Resume.
  2. Give your CV a Style Makeover. Check out Guru and Shortlist for ideas.
  3. Rebrand your social media profiles.
  4. Showcase your communication and presentation skills with a Video CV.
  5. Update your CV to reflect new skill levels and qualifications.
  6. Upload a new profile picture (business attire or professional).
  7. Use Grammarly or Ginger to proofread your CV, Resume and cover letters.
  8. Enrol onto an E-learning or vocational course.
  9. Read books related to your field of work to boost your brain power.
  10. Avoid speed networking. Strategically build a network of new contacts.
  11. Volunteer.
  12. Spring clean your work attire.
  13. Join a mentorship programme.
  14. Enquire about work shadow opportunities.
  15. Arrange a face to face appointment with a recruitment consultant.
  16. Attend a University Alumni event linked to your career.
  17. Enquire about organic growth programmes at work.
  18. Install a ‘common interviewing questions’ app onto your phone.
  19. Learn a new language to improve your career opportunities. Try out Duolingo.
  20. Practice your ‘small talk’ skills to win over potential employers.
  21. Create a Linkedin headline that promotes, markets and showcases your expertise.
  22. Research your target audience and develop content that caters to their needs.
  23. Consider setting up a personal website to showcase your skills and portfolio.
  24. Create a visually attractive portfolio to showcase your achievements.
  25. Re-evaluate your short, mid and long-term career goals.
  26. Use a Gantt chart to analyse, manage and keep track of your job search.
  27. Identify a target company’s key problems and devise effective solutions.
  28. Research your target company’s core beliefs and values.
  29. Use GoogleAdwords to boost your online presence.
  30. Read my post – How to save your career from the chopping board.
  31. Delete Inactive social media accounts.
  32. Delete unnecessary selfies and provocative photographs from your social media.
  33. Set up a career-focused blog to improve your SEO presence.
  34. Practice your 30-second elevator pitch. – Read Entrepreneur’s 6 tips here.
  35. Take a break 🙂
 GIF Credit: Source by salmianna.tumblr.com/ (Taken from http://www.giphy.com)

Do you have any other tips to share? Please don’t forget to like, leave a comment, follow and share 🙂


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