14 Things To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

If you’re single and waiting on God for your future spouse, please try your very best to avoid the following on Valentine’s day…


1.Social Media Hookups


He fell in love with your filtered image.

You fell in love with his.

A man that can only stimulate you with DM’s (Direct Messages) written in textese may not have the attributes needed to stimulate your spirit, purpose, and destiny. Think twice about feeding your loneliness on Valentine’s day with a blue lit screen and his messages flashing in your face.

According to Dr. David Stoop,’One of the hormones released under the stress of loneliness is epinephrine, which tends to arouse us.  But it also increases our experience of frustration and emotional pain’.

2. Netflix and Chill


He invites you over to his place to watch ‘The Passion of Christ’ on Netflix and of course, to chill. You don’t need to take an e-course in semantics to understand his intentions.

Kindly turn him down and tell him to chill out with his boxsets of RomCom’s ALONE. There is no need to sacrifice the sanctity of your nether regions for a cheap date and a box of Poundland chocolates.

3. Plastic Roses


I remember being a naive teenager and gushing over the bunch of plastic, yes, plastic roses that were handed to me as a gift. I’ll never forget that foul, plasticky smell, the remnants of the sticky yellow price tag and the fact that the petals were a constant reminder of how fake our relationship was.

4.Woe is me


This is not the time for you to spend your evening with a box of Kleenex tissues and a playlist of sad  R&B love songs.  Singleness is not a death sentence.

In the book of Proverbs 4:23, we are called to ‘guard our heart’, ‘…for out of it spring the issues of life’.

Wallowing in self-pity will only give room for the enemy to sow seeds of rejection, depression, and sorrow into your heart.

5. Desperados


I have no idea why you haven’t blocked his number from your phone.

He only calls you when his social media feed is lacking a pretty face.

Please ponder on the quotation that says ‘Never underestimate desperate people. You never know how far they will go to get what they want’.

After you have toasted him with your presence for a couple of hours, you will not even see his shadow on February 15th.

6. Life Imitating Art


As much as you admire Mary Jane Paul’s (Being MaryJane) work ethic and ‘hustle’, do not deceive yourself into thinking that engaging in questionable relationships with fine men will end in such a glossy way.

We do not have the luxury of pressing a delete or deactivate button when our souls become entangled with the wrong men. When the cameras in your fantasies stop rolling, the reality of your mistakes may haunt you for a long time.

7. Social Media Prowl


You blame your bouts of loneliness for causing you to stalk scroll through the pictures of an ex-boyfriend.

Yes, he looks like a fine dollop of chocolate cream with his new beard, but that type of bait is what Satan uses to lure your soul into his trap.

Cast that temptation to be an undercover detective into the ‘sea of forgetfulness’ and pull away from your phone.

This may be a great opportunity to fill your spirit with empowering scriptures and to engage in a social media fast.

8. Wear Red


It’s probably not a good idea to be tottering down the high street in six-inch heels and a red slinky dress, waving a placard that says ‘Single, open for business and looking for a hubby’. God doesn’t need you to beg and plead for a man’s attention to get a divine hook up.

9. Blind Dates

giphy (9).gif

I was in my early twenties.

I was superficial, foolish and hormonal.

We spent hours on the phone, planning our Valentines day meetup.

He told me that he was the slightly shorter version of Morris Chestnut.

To cut a long story short, our relationship ended an hour later at approximately 10.30pm.

And, no, he was not a doppelganger of Morris Chestnut.

10. Give up on God


The prophet at church with the sweaty palms told you that you would meet your future husband in fourteen days.

And, yes, this meet up that you have always envisioned was based on the condition that you gave him a ‘love offering’ of fifty pounds.

Welp, that was a couple of years ago and the mysterious man and the prophet are nowhere to be seen.

This is not the time for you to give up on God and abandon your faith.

God has ordained the time and the place when you will meet your husband-to-be.

I can assure you, he doesn’t need a false prophecy or the last three digits of your debit card to send you a spouse.

11.Social Status


Don’t lie and change your relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ on Valentine’s day when everyone knows very well you are a single pringle.

It’s better to be sanctified and single than to be hooked up with one of Hells Angels and end up hopeless!

12. Chocolate


I understand how alluring those sweet, heart-shaped pieces of chocolate are. However, filling the hole in your heart with a box of chocolates should be avoided at all costs.

The oxytocin hormone that is released when you eat ‘comforting food’ only lasts for a while and in the morning, your bloated stomach and toilet bowl will not be filled with love hearts.  

13. Angels of Light


You know that tall, fine, handsome brother with the crisp TM Lewin Shirt and the Prada shoes? Yeah him.Stay away from him!

Your obsession with finding a husband for Valentine’s day will cause you to mistake a disappointment as an appointment from God.  If you are in possession of his missing rib, HE WILL FIND YOU. Meditate on 1John 2:15-17 ‘For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world’.

14.Pillow Talk


There are only two voices your pillow should hear as a single woman:

  1. The voice of God
  2. The voice of your mother, warning you to keep your legs clamped before you say ‘I do’

When the clock strikes 9’oclock, that is not the time to engage in conversations that involve your reproductive organs, G-spots on your body and testosterone! Have a selah moment with Mark 14:38 – Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak’ (NKJV).


Dr. David Stoop, ‘The Brain of a Lonely Person’, http://drstoop.com/the-brain-of-a-lonely-person/
Gif – http://giphy.com/gifs/newyorkcomiccon-no-shade-l3vRogb0QxBlyo4Pm

If you still love me for posting this blog, please comment down below! What other things should Singles avoid on Valentine’s day? Don’t forget to like, follow and share with others. If not, I still love yah! 🙂




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