How To Save Your Career From The Chopping Board

Do you remember that feeling you had when you got your job offer letter? Nobody could contain the immense joy you felt to know that your days of cheap baked beans and toast were over!


However, for many people, the prospects of securing a lucrative job offer are being hampered by their social media profiles. According to CareerBuilder ‘Sixty percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates’. Is your social media profile going to propel your career to the next level or is it the reason why your career is on the chopping board? Please grab yourself a cuppa, and by all means, consider the points below to salvage your future career.

1.Strike A Pose


Over 40% of employers researched by CareerBuilder revealed that potential candidates were being turned down due to the inappropriate images uploaded to their social media accounts. Are your photographs provocative or professional? Does your online album require an X-rated warning?

2.Likes Versus Love


Your latest pub crawl may have accumulated a large number of ego-stroking ‘likes’ from friends and family, but images of potential employees in compromising positions with alcohol and drugs is not going to win you any love hearts from potential employers.

3.To Tweet or not to Tweet?


Back in the day, somewhere between my old collection of Anastasia Kprupnik and Rosa Guy books was my mattered diary (journal to my American friends). That was the book that I would vent out my frustrations, fears, and anxieties. Now, we have social media. Think twice about using your social media account as a public diary. Your future employer is just a click away. Is your online rant worth more than your future career?

4.Check your Twitter Archive


We live in an age of online cyber gangs that I refer to as the heartless ‘Dig Deep Trolls'(DDT). The DDT have an unhealthy obsession with monitoring the tweets you posted years back. Puhleese, don’t play into their hands and allow them to strike gold! Your long winded trail of ‘Explicit Rants Of The Day’ are the type of dirt they have been waiting to unearth to place your career on the chopping board.

Remember that silly, childish beef that you had with thingamajig, the one that got on your last nerve? You’ve probably forgotten about that, but such comments for public consumption do not sit well with employers. Check out or to delete questionable tweets.

5.The Power Of Prayer


Instead of shooting online critics, haters or trolls with 140-characters or uploading a full on heated video about your previous employer, why not go to your Heavenly Father in prayer? The book of Matthew Chapter 11 verses 28 to 30 reminds us to cast our cares to Yeshua. Share with Him all of your heavy burdens, yes, rants included and He will give you the type of peace that goes beyond human understanding.

6.Delete Old Social Media Accounts


Delete those old, ‘I’ve been MIA for years’ Social media accounts that can only be associated with the ‘old’ you. Do you still have that Myspace page with the naff, neon green and blue twinkling stars as your background? Well, delete it! Show employers that you are no longer the person you were at 18 with the gun-toting paraphernalia that made you feel like you were the baddest rude bwoy or rude gyal. The ‘Ten years later you’ has matured, acquired an ample amount of wisdom, qualifications, transferable skills, direction, and self-respect.

7.Learn Social Media Etiquette


Before Employers even see your face, they will see your name. The bible says that a good name is better than silver and gold (Proverbs 22:1) So, living a life that is honorable online and offline is invaluable. Are you communicating with potential employers effectively? Are you addressing people with expletives or inappropriate language?

Your name is your identity and can either hinder your promotion or help it. If the only key-words that can be used to research your profile involve ‘troll’, ‘hate’ and ‘negative’ then you really need to rethink the way that you communicate your thoughts online. So, do not by any means apologise to your boss at your disciplinary hearing and then go on Snapchat to post a rant to your long list of followers, one of which may be your boss operating under a kinky pseudonym!

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