7 Things You Should Be Doing in 2017

A random selection of 7 practical things that you can do to make 2017 a memorable year.

Study your bible


Bring out your highlighter pens, mini post-it notes, concordance, dictionary,you name it and dig deep into God’s love letter to you. The word of God is likened to food for our soul, so it’s time to indulge on some words of wisdom.

Cook a meal from a different country


Search for a recipe on Google, watch a ‘how to cook’ video on Youtube and take your culinary skills from 0 to 100. Broadening your cooking skills opens you up to a wealth of knowledge about other cultures and experiences that can help you to forge new friendships and relationships in the new year.

Take yourself out on a date


Spending your time with yourself has a multitude of benefits. You don’t need to work around another person’s availability, preferences or schedule. Is there a restaurant you have been meaning to go to but your friends were too busy to go? Book a table for one and enjoy. Bon Appetite!

Confront  your fears


In the critically acclaimed book ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’ Author Susan Jeffers challenges her readers to stop running away from their fears and to confront them head on. So, what’s stopping you from taking that first step towards overcoming your fears? You.

Life Appraisal


You spend money every year in getting a MOT test for your car, you spend hours going through intensive career based self-assessments and aptitude tests but have you ever conducted a Relationship Appraisal? Analysing the relationships in your life could transform your year from abysmal to absolutely fabulous! Is your long time friend not reciprocating the love and support you have invested into your friendship? Do you feel like your goals are not being supported? Before you consider drastic measures and place your friendship on the cutting board, prayerfully assess the weaknesses in your friendship, areas for improvement and any lessons to be learned.

Perfect your elevator pitch


We have all had a ‘Dragons Den’ moment where we have had to promote ourselves or sell a product to some degree, to bag ourselves a job or to get a promotion.If you have been aspiring for a bigger salary or a better position then it’s vital that you have your pitch ready. What value can you add to a company or an organization? What problems have you identified with the business that you are equipped to solve? To stand out from the endless list of potential candidates you need to do what others have failed to do. By investing as little as 15 minutes a day researching information about your workplace structure, values or mission statement could be the key to you getting that promotion.

Perfect your skills


Are you an artist? Habitually sketch new designs every day, travel out of your locality to source objects, places or people that may inspire you. Are you a manager? Glean through the autobiographies of successful managers and strategists so that you can add their principles to your own armory. Remember, the inspiring quote in Proverbs which says that A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men’ (Proverbs 18:16 NKJV)

Do you have any other practical ideas to share? Please don’t forget to like, follow or share with family and friends.🙂

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