35 Things To Do During The Christmas Season

  1. Read about the birth of Jesus Christ in Luke2:1-20
  2. Attend a Christmas Carol Service
  3. Create a Christmas Pinterest board
  4. Write a blog post (Blogmas!)
  5. Watch a Church/School Nativity play
  6. Give a donation to a charity/voluntary group
  7. Make your own unique gift box
  8. Go to an indoor or outdoor ice skating rink (even if you can’t skate!)
  9. Turn off the T.V and read a book about ‘Hygge’
  10. Throw away anything you don’t want to use in 2017
  11. Call a friend that makes you laugh till your belly jiggles
  12. Pray/intercede for someone as the Holy Spirit leads
  13. Learn how to bake a traditional Christmas dessert from a different country
  14. Support a homeless shelter
  15. Run up to a stranger on Christmas morning and wish them a Merry Christmas
  16. Smile so hard till your cheeks begin to twitch
  17. Visit an outdoor Christmas Market
  18. Gaze at Christmas lights
  19. Meditate on a psalm or proverb
  20. Donate food supplies to a local food bank/pantry
  21. Dance like a turkey at the bus stop or train station
  22. Make a Christmas day smoothie using Brussel sprouts, lemon & the rest is up to you
  23. Evangelize and share the good news
  24. Host a Christmas bible challenge with your friends or family
  25. Ignore the calories
  26. Go for a long jog on Christmas morning
  27. Do at least one thing in your 2016 ‘New Years resolution list’ (it’s not too late!)
  28. Sleep!
  29. Follow www.themusematters.wordpress.com
  30. Create a spa at home using products in your kitchen cupboard/pantry
  31. Learn how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in three different languages
  32. Write down 7 things you are grateful for in a journal
  33. Switch off your mobile phone and play a board game with real people
  34. Create the nativity scene using Lego
  35. Build a snowman and dress him up in sunglasses and a floppy hat

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