8 things I’m working on before 2017


I am that person that has to hold back her tongue and silently pray for my facial muscles to relax when I come in contact with slower pedestrians. I am not talking about those with mobility issues or the elderly, but those lovely pedestrians that purposely walk slower. They can sense the presence of another person walking behind them, yet they will not even budge and give you room to maneuver. There was a time when pavement etiquette was common sense, but I guess as the saying goes, ‘common sense is  not common’. Maybe God is using such people to teach me the virtue of patience, a fruit of the spirit I have not been exercising.

2.Saying ‘No’

I am a people pleaser. I have struggled to eject the word ‘no’ from my mouth far too many times in favour of the now worn out and abused ‘yes!’ I’m hoping that before we sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’,  saying ‘no’ will be a piece of cake.

3.Caring about what others think

Sometimes I just want to wear that outlandish (but wholesomely modest) outfit with the ombre wig and not care what others think. Although I remind myself daily to keep focused and not to be distracted by such foolish things, it pricks me to think that at the back of my mind I am always thinking about other people’s reactions to my decisions.

4.Winged liner

After hours of watching Youtube videos and reading beauty blog posts about how to perfect the winged liner, I still end up with one eye that belongs to Jekyll and the other to Hyde.

5.Evening devotionals

I love my morning devotionals. I have somehow been able to start off my morning on the right foot: Pray, read a passage of scripture and a devotional. I enjoy the relaxed mood I’m left in, that feeling of optimism and excitement for the day ahead. But my evening’s are in need of some TLC. Most of the time I am completely knackered and only able to say a quick prayer before nodding off. I need to set some time aside to meditate on scriptures like Psalm 91, light a Yankee candle (White gardenia is my favourite and the scent is so relaxing) and read a book that is going to feed my spirit.


I don’t think I can walk in a perfectly straight line, my knees still wobble a bit when I try to hop and when I’m walking my back is not as straight and confident as it should be.

 7.Addiction to crisps

I went through a period where I literally felt like eating my five-a-day  was a chore. I would rather rest on my good skinny genes and munch on Wotsits, Nik Naks and Hula Hoops any day. I could easily waffle down a multipack of variety crisps and not bat an eyelid about calories.


Serious, stoic looking faces run in my bloodline so I’ve got proof that I’m not a meanie. I still silently pine for the wide gummy smiles that some people have, those faces that always seem to  be in ‘happy mode’.

What do you need to work on before the end of the year? C’mon, don’t be shy, I would love to read your comments!  

Attribution: Featured image by Kohji Asakawa from isorepublic.com





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