November Faves

Yankee Wax Tart

If I could put this scent in a bottle and wear it every day I would. There is something so exhilarating and calming about the ever so luxurious, White Gardenia. I love how the scent lingers throughout my home and gently caresses each room with its presence.

Marc Jacobs, Divine Decadence

The ultimate trio in top notes has to be Orange blossom, Champagne and Bergamot! The distinctively rich and ever so indulgent ‘Divine Decadence, by Marc Jacobs’ always gives my posture an added boost. Just one whiff of this scent and you will feel like a woman dripping in diamonds.


I can always count on my good old bottle of Persil Non-bio, Small and mighty to drape me in a summery freshness throughout the day. If you are anything like me and have those headless chicken mornings (where you forget to spray on some perfume before you leave the house), then this  bottle will keep you covered.

Haagen-Dazs Pralines and Cream

I always thought that Haagen-Dazs only had one winning ice cream flavour in their collection and that has to be Cookies and cream. But this month has seen my mouth salivate for the ever so delicious, Pralines and cream. With one spoonful your taste buds are taken on a sumptuous journey of pure goodness. From the gooey paradise of the golden caramel to the rich and luscious vanilla ice cream, down to the crunchy texture of the praline pecans.

Bible Gateway

My mornings are extra special because of the ‘Encouragement for today’ devotionals found in  the women’s section. I always feel like  God is talking directly to me through the uplifting, motivating and convicting words of the writers. My favorite devotional was written by Lysa Terkeurst on the 22nd of November titled ‘If only I had…’


My kindle library has been filled with all books ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hue-gah) throughout the month of November. It is a danish concept that cannot really be defined but experienced. Think about those cold and crisp Saturday evenings, soothing worship music playing in the background, the warm glow of a flickering candle, the intimate embrace of a loved one. That to me is Hygge. Check out ‘The Little book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well‘ (Penguin Life) or ‘The Art of Hygge: How to Bring Danish Cosiness Into Your Life’.

Spell beauty

My random on-line search for crochet braids lead me to the Spell beauty website. I loved the diverse range of pre-braided hair, braided and synthetic wigs. It was quite nice to receive a free crochet needle, false nail transfers (which I have not used) as well as their colourful magazine.

Nivea Soft 

There are many things that I love about bargain shopping and one of them has to be finding this tube of wonders. For a measly £1.00 at my local Poundland, I was able to transform my  dull winter flogged face from ashy to uber fabulous! I love how the lotion easily glides onto my skin and leaves me with a supple and glowy complexion.


I  have literally developed an addiction for this sparkling drink that I enjoy drinking lavishly on a Friday night! As I tend to stay away from alcoholic drinks I enjoy savoring the sharp and crisp taste of the apples and white grapes flavour.

Courtney Daniella

If you are looking to be inspired, edified and empowered, then this lovely young woman will not leave you disappointed. I cannot count how many times that I have replayed her wise, funny and always thought-provoking motivational Youtube videos. I love her candid take on friendships, relationships and her relationship with God. Apart from her helpful ‘How to apply to Cambridge University’ style videos, this girl knows how to slay her face like a pro!


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