Muse & Nuggets: Finish Strong

You will not give up. Why? God, your heavenly father is a rewarder of faithfulness! In Philippians, the Apostle Paul encourages us to ‘press on’ towards the upward call (Philippians 3:14-15). To ‘press on’ requires us to exert pressure, to remain focused, to push past the pain and endure till we reach our goal. The only time we are allowed to stop is when we reach the finish line. Our ultimate end will come when we hear our heavenly father welcome us into His Kingdom as His ‘good and faithful servent’ (Matthew 25:23). We may stumble for a while, we maybe cast down but we are not destroyed because something amazing as the resurrection power of God resides in us. We cannot remain down forever. When Jesus was carrying the cross he stumbled. God planted  Simon of Cyrene on his path to help him to carry the cross. But after a while, he got back on his feet and carried the cross by himself. If we give up and stop working towards the place God has for us we will end up living beneath our divine purpose and blessings. You were not designed to remain in the wilderness or at the bottom of the mountain, no. You were designed to be victorious and Jesus will complete the great work that he started in you.





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