Do you feel like quitting?

The resolutions that you made at the beginning of the year greet you with a pitiful stare and every time that you attempt to turn your dreams into a reality, something far more pressing comes up. Rather than taking one step at a time you decide to quit. Does this sound like you?

Quitting  is one of the major enemies of progress and i’ve come up with a number of tips to help you to overcome it.



The bible says that Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). What has the author said about your dreams? Many times we come up with a long bucket list of goals that God never even intended for us. We find ourselves locked into contracts, relationships and agreements we were never meant to go ahead with in the first place. At the end we find ourselves at the cross road of life confused, frustrated and maybe even angry with God.

In Matthew 15:13, it states that ‘…every plant not planted by my heavenly Father will be uprooted’ (New Living Translation). There are some goals and ambitions that God wants to uproot from your life. Humble yourself and allow the dreams that were actually weeds, to be uprooted. Set some time aside in the morning  to prayerfully reflect on the goals you may have set for yourself for the day, week, month or year. Ask God to give you discernment about your goals and to point out to you which goals are God ordained and which ones originate from your own ambitions.

Break your problem into small slices


No matter the size of your problem, goal, ambitions or dreams it is really helpful to break it up into small slices.  I always liken my problems to a large Margarita pizza and break it down into thin slices. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with an assignment that you have to hand in, why not focus on setting the timer on your phone and reading or writing for just 15 minutes? Is your spare room in the runnings for the ‘Hoarder of the Year Award‘? Instead of having an unnecessary panic attack over a pile of junk, set yourself a challenge to fill up an x-amount of rubbish bags every day till the room is cleared up.

Control your ear gate


What are you listening to?  Are you listening to messages that are going to inspire your faith? What we listen to has the power to alter not only our atmosphere but also the decision and steps that we take towards the fulfilment of our dreams. When I am focused on achieving a goal I make sure that I listen to podcasts, music and teaching messages that will bolster my faith and offer me encouragement. I steer away from negative people, professional moaners and serial complainers. Listening to people that whine, moan, lament or complain about their predicament may appear comforting for a while, but in the long run their stagnancy will only cost you precious time.

 Be Accountable

Having someone that you can be accountable to will help ease the burden of working towards your goals. Seek the support of a friend, relative or colleague that will always remind you to complete your first task or fill out that important application form. If you do not have anyone to cheer you on, do not dismay. There are many mobile apps available that we can use to help us to stay organised, motivated and productive. Check out GoalTracker, HabitHub or

Celebrate your milestones


Don’t wait till you have launched that new business or mastered a new skill before you start two-stepping and bopping your head. No matter the size of your milestone always cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving, praise, praise and more praise with every step that you take. Not only will you feel motivated to go on to the next step you will also have the confidence to believe that you can achieve even more.

Don’t get it twisted


So many people have made the mistake of quitting during a trial or a test. Not every problem requires you to hand in your resignation or to give up. What we need to understand is that trials and tests are part and parcel of the manifestation of our blessings. You cannot have the victory without the trial. You cannot conquer the problem without making the torturous trek up the mountain. I made a decision a long time ago that I was going to rise up to my challenges rather than to recoil with fear. All of the great icons in the bible had to rise up to the problems that stared them in the face. David had to face the lofty Goliath and Moses had to confront the hard hearted Pharaoh.

What problems have you faced that made you feel like quitting? Are you going through a challenging problem that feels overwhelming?  Whatever it is, confront it, rise above it and surge ahead.



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