Are You Insecure?

It took the sting of a back handed comment and a string of non-verbal insults for me to realise that I was insecure. I would spend countless hours second guessing my abilities, down playing my physical appearance and pining for the acceptance and approval of others. If you have ever struggled with insecurity then you would understand how draining it can be to constantly be at the mercy of others. Check out the five things that insecure people do, to know whether you need to make a change in your life.

Non-Verbal Attacks


Insecure people know how to use the oldest trick in the book: put others down to make themselves look great. It is a tried and tested method that always comes to the forefront in their offensive against you. The side eye, dirty look and other non-verbal insults are just some of the weapons they will use to bring you down. Secure people do the complete opposite. Whenever you empower, encourage, inspire and support another person, it is a sign of confidence and that you are reflecting the greatness of God on the inside of you.

Talk about others


Secure people live each day with a purpose and do not waste their energy, resources or time engaging in gossip or belittling others. They use their mouths to mould, command and shape their world. They realise that their tongues carry power to change their day, week, month and year, so they use it cautiously and wisely.

They understand that  ‘Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people’ (Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt).

Waste Time


In Psalm 90 verse 12, we are reminded to number our days.  Secure people know that time is a precious resource that should be honoured and respected. As a result, secure people do not waste their time investing in fruitless endeavours and negative relationships. Time spent on trying to fix, make up or understand negative people is a waste of time.

Easily Offended


Secure people realise that with over 7 billion people on the Earth, there is no way that they are going to avoid offence. Offence is a reflection of our complex differences, opinions and perspectives. Secure people are confident in what and whom they believe that they do not allow themselves to become entangled in a web of offence. They adhere to Ephesians 4 verse 26 that advises us not to go to bed with anger festering in our hearts.

Lack Confidence


Insecure people are constantly in need of other peoples affirmations, compliments and acceptance. As a christian, I find security and confidence in the unconditional love of my Lord and personal saviour, Jesus Christ. I anchor on to empowering biblical scriptures that tell me who I am, that I am a new creation and old things have passed away,that I am the apple of God’s eye and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Secure people are not swayed by other peoples perceptions or opinions about them. They rise above the subjective views of others and stand strong in their  unfailing beliefs.

What steps will you take to discover your value and greatness? Please comment and share your experiences.



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